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  • How To Play

    For potential gamemasters



    Sign in and create a gameroom using your Google Account



    Start the gameroom once all the users begin and the sketching begins



    Start the semantic rating after users have completed the collaborative sketching



    Start the individual voting after users have rated others' drawings



    Display the result on your screen!

  • STEP 1: Sign in using your Google Account

    Go to http://app.c4h.world/ and click the "Sign In with Google" button. Sign in with your Google credentials.

  • Create a gameroom

    You can also view drawings and results of previous gamerooms if you're an existing user

    Choose a Topic

    Choose a category of topics to choose from for your gameroom. This can be further customised to your liking if necessary


    Here you can customise the name, gamemode, challenge and the prompts given to users. The possibilities are boundless!

  • STEP 2: Start the game

    Ask all the players to sign in to the room you have created, with a username of their own.


    Once everyone's in, click "Everyone's In" to start the game!


    WARNING: No new players can join the game once you click the button

  • Draw Yourself

    Before you start, players can draw an avatar representing themselves 

    Pick a Prompt

    30 seconds

    Once the game starts, players will be given 3 emoji prompts to choose from. They will use this prompt to sketch out an idea on the next screen.

    Draw Your Idea

    90 seconds

    Here, all players sketch their idea with their chosen constraint/emoji

    Give a Title

    30 seconds

    Players then give a title to their drawing


    75 seconds each

    Players then add onto each other's drawing

    (This section happens twice)

  • STEP 3: Start the rating

    75 seconds

    After the collaborative sketching ends, click the "Let's Start" button to start the semantic rating. Players will rate each other's drawings based on certain set criteria.


    The phone screen shows what players will see after you click "Let's Start"

  • STEP 4: Start the funding

    60 seconds

    After the rating ends, click the "Let's Start" button to start the funding. Players will be given a limited amount of funds to allocate to the best rated drawings.


    The phone screen shows what players will see after you click "Let's Start".

  • STEP 5: Display the results

    The top funded will be collated and next up is the display of the results. In the previous screen, click "Let's See The Results".


    The following screen (on the left) will show the top 3 sketches and their respective funding.