Create. Collaborate. Innovate

  • Design Sprints and brainstorming sessions on steroids

    The benefits at a glance

    Significantly reduce time taken to generate ideas

    Ensure equal participation from everyone

    Exponentially increase the amount of ideas produced

    Idea repository. No ideas are ever lost or forgotten

    Facilitate cross-pollination of ideas

    Instant feedback. All ideas are rated by everyone.

    Ensure equal participation from everyone

    Host up to 500 people at a time

    Conduct analytics on the ideas produced

    Cover Design Thinking principles and methodologies

    All this in just 10 minutes

  • Join over 1,000 innovators liberating creativity and revolutionising brainstorming

  • Engage audiences and conduct rapid, collaborative ideation

    Quick and easy to use software for leaders, educators, and innovators that’s interactive, engaging and fun

    Remove barriers to innovation

    In classes, workshops and meetings, good ideas go unheard due to apprehension, self-censoring and groupthink. Enable equal contribution from everyone in the room, never miss another great idea again.

    Tackle complex challenges

    Creativity for Humanity enables participants to solve modern-day, complex challenges with a human-centric approach using the fundamentals of design thinking.

    Cultivate a creative culture

    Inculcating a creative and collaborative environment is vital for better growth and results. Structured tools like Creativity for Humanity contribute to building such a culture 3 minutes at a time.

    Empower employees and students

    Adults have an unfound apprehension to sketch. Most people don't think they are creative and choose not to contribute ideas for fear of ridicule. Use this platform to break these barriers and empower everyone to create.

    Increase satisfaction of stakeholders

    Exploring breath of ideas ensures greater quality, diversity and novelty of ideas. This in turn, leads to greater customer or stakeholder satisfaction.

    Safe and open space to explore ideas

    With the quick element of anonymised feedback, each participant gets unbiased and honest feedback from all participants

  • The only way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas

    Winston Churchill

  • Boost your team's creative output in 5 simple steps

    Take on design challenges tackling pressing social or technological problems. Alternatively, have some light-hearted fun with our fun and whacky design challenges

    Get a design challenge

    Sketch an idea

    Pick a design constraint

    Collaborate with peers

    Vote for your favourite ideas

  • To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong

    Joseph Chilton Pearce

  • Design Thinking Methods and Principles

    Collaborative Sketching

    Semantic Analysis


  • You can't use up creativity. The more you use it the more you have.

    Maya Angelou

  • Here's how Creativity 4 Humanity helps you continuously improve your team's or students' productivity, keeps them ahead of the curve and future ready

  • Creativity is a muscle: use it or lose it

    Sheiley Berc

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