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    What is Creativity for Humanity?

    Creativity For Humanity is an interactive tool that maximizes the creative output of teams. Take on design challenges using everyday objects and create fun, whacky, useful and at times, game-changing solutions - all this while applying fundamental principles of design thinking such as problem discovery, idea generation, rapid prototyping, and user feedback. An entire design innovation cycle in just 3 minutes!

  • Benefits of Creativity for Humanity

    Remove barriers to innovation

    In classes, workshops and meetings, good ideas go unheard due to apprehension, self-censoring and groupthink. Enable equal contribution from everyone in the room, never miss another great idea again.

    Tackle complex challenges

    Creativity for Humanity enables participants to solve modern-day, complex challenges with a human-centric approach using the fundamentals of design thinking.

    Cultivate a creative culture

    Inculcating a creative and collaborative environment is vital for better growth and results. Structured tools like Creativity for Humanity contribute to building such a culture 3 minutes at a time.

  • How it Works

    Get a design challenge

    Choose an object

    Sketch an idea

    Craft a witty title and tagline

    Vote for your favourite ideas

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